Labor Day and the Lesser Known Fruit of Labor Jobs

With Labor Day approaching, it’s important to remember what’s at the heart of the end-of-summer holiday. Aside from great sales on workwear at BareBones, we’re tipping our hats to the hard-working men and women who built America.

At a time, a college degree wasn’t worth as much as a solid union or blue-collar job, and everything was “made in America.” But, things changed, and fewer young people entered the trade professions.

With grizzled construction veterans retiring, complete with the gold watch and mandatory retirement to Florida or Phoenix, a new generation of American workers is needed. Baby Boomers are moving out, and the next generation is looking for the big bucks.

Constructing A Future: You’re In Demand
Current labor statistics show that the US construction industry needs a half million more workers just to keep up with demand this year. But, unlike many white-collar jobs, skilled blue-collar jobs can’t be outsourced to some call center in a faraway land.

Some of the top-paying jobs in construction include:

• Boilermaker
• Construction and building inspector
• Electrician
• Plumbers
• Pipefitters
• Ironworkers
• Sheet metal workers
• Carpenters
• Heavy equipment operators

Ripe With Opportunity
In other words, there’s a demand for skilled, hard-working, red-blooded American workers, and that could be you. An honest day’s work, job security, excellent wages, and opportunities. Sounds good to us.

Here are some of the most in-demand blue and gray-collar professions where you make the big bucks ($100,000.00 or more) and take over for the retiring old-timers:

Oil Rig Workers. It’s a dirty, dangerous, and lonely job that pays out the wazoo. But, if you don’t mind working long hours and being away from home, family, and friends, this is the job for you, and you’ll be paid handsomely. But, of course, this is not for cream puffs. America is still the top oil and natural gas producer, which will not change anytime soon.

Law Enforcement. Not every cop on the street makes six figures, but those who rise to the higher ranks can earn six. And it can be dangerous. Granted, it’s not as dangerous as working in the fishing or oil industries, but it’s no cakewalk.

Contractors and Construction Managers. The construction industry can be quite lucrative if you’ve got the top skills, love to work with your hands, and love the building trades. Better yet, many firms don’t require a college degree. Although, if you have one, especially in engineering, you will likely make at the higher end of six figures. The top earners can make as much as $170K a year and afford the same white loafers and country clubs as their fancy educated neighbors and doctorates.

Farmers and Ranchers. Sweet home on the range gives me the green stuff—America’s demand for wheat, corn, soybeans, and juicy steaks. Folks with ag backgrounds or rustling skills can make a great living.

Bartender. Who doesn’t love their favorite bartender? They are the master of the long pour, the shake and stir, and the hearty greeting. They’ll even laugh at your lame jokes and listen to your boring stories. Sure, not every bartender makes six figures, but for those that work in the top markets at the tawny establishments, it’s well within the realm of possibilities.

Made In America…Again
COVID changed everything. Companies large and small, and consumers too, realized that making everything in China might not just be the best idea.

According to a study with a funny name, Kearney’s 2021 Reshoring Index, American companies are starting to bring manufacturing back to the US from China. The war between Russia and Ukraine gave the move another nudge.

When the global pandemic brought manufacturing to a near standstill and led to shortages of everything from semiconductors to clothing, US manufacturers, US businesses, and US workers realized that bringing manufacturing back to the US might not be a bad idea. Corporate behemoths, including GM, Generac Power Systems, US Steel, and Intel, have already started.

BareBones carries many made-in-USA products. Thorogood, Danner, Whites, Red Wing, Wesco, Keen, Crewboss, Carhartt, have product lines made in the US. BareBones Belts, Socks and many accessories are US made too.

Get What You Want
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