5.11 Women’s Company Pant 2.0


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Women’s Company Pant 2.0 from 5.11 Tactical will keep you job-ready and focused even under pressure close to the heat. These pairs are certified by NFPA 1975 (2019 edition) for meeting fire protection personnel’s requirements and stringent standards. It’s also designed with station-ready features so it’s perfect if you are an emergency responder, law enforcement officer, or other public safety professional.

Women’s Company Pant 2.0 is made from 7.8 oz 100% Tough Cotton finished twill so you know that these pants can really hold their own even in the face of challenging tasks or missions. Heat-resistant Firefly thread is also used to boost its durability and resistance to extreme heat. It also comes with a self-adjusting waistband for all-day comfort and secure fit. In addition to its clean and slick design, it also features a gripper tape which helps in keeping your top nicely tucked in so you stay looking sharp and professional no matter how hectic your shift is. Organizing your everyday carry or EDC essentials and keeping them handy for when you need them is also not a problem with its four functional pockets.

Women’s Company Pant 2.0 is worth having in your work wardrobe if you need a pair of pants that offers functionality and durability that can keep up with challenging jobs even in the face of pressure when things heat up.

  • Made from 100% cotton, twill, 7.8 oz, Tough Cotton
  • Regular Fit
  • Certified by NFPA 1975 (2019 edition)
  • Heat-resistant Firefly thread
  • Self-adjusting waistband
  • Gripper tape to keep your top tucked in
  • Total of 4 pockets
  • Comes in Fire Navy
  • Any and all repairs and alterations must be performed by 5.11® or an authorized service representative



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