Aetrex Mens Train Posted Orthotics W/ Metatarsal Support


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To deal with foot discomfort that is mainly due to pain in the balls of your feet or overpronation, here is the Train Posted Orthotics with Metatarsal Support for Men. It has a posted heel to provide balance and to aid in controlling the excessive inward rolling motion of the foot or overpronation. It also has a built-in metatarsal pad which helps in redistributing weight to relieve ball-of-foot discomfort.

Choosing the right insole is equally important just like choosing the right work shoes. After all – your foot health affects your overall mobility so it is just right that you give your feet plenty of attention, too. Using a good insole is like adding another layer of support so you can work comfortably on your feet even for extended hours like the production workers, warehouse workers, concrete layers, or construction workers.

Train Posted Orthotics with Metatarsal Support for Men is designed to provide support and prevent injury while exercising or working out – which is pretty much what a hardworking tradesman needs as well. This insole also features its signature Aetrex Arch Support which not only biochemically aligns the body but also prevents common foot pain. This insole comes with a cover material that maximizes airflow and reduces moisture, a cushioning material that supports every stride, and a performance base material that has a high energy return.

  • Metatarsal Pad for redistributing weight to relieve ball-of-foot discomfort
  • Posted Heel for keeping feet aligned and controlling overpronation
  • Ultra-soft mesh polyester fabric for cover material
  • FitGuard for cushioning every stride with slow recovery memory foam
  • AeroCell polyurethane for high energy return performance base
  • .2165-inch insole thickness
  • For low arches to flat feet
  • Best for gym sneakers, training shoes, athletic sneakers, tennis shoes
  • Ideal for construction workers, builders, warehouse workers, production workers, or concrete layers




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