Aetrex Mens Work Boot Posted Orthotics


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Even the best work boots sometimes need a good insole – especially because not all feet are created equal. If you happen to have flat feet then this Work Boot Posted Orthotics from Aertex is for you. This insole has a posted heel – a medial rearfoot post that helps keep your feet aligned and controls overpronation. Excessive inward rolling motion of the foot is quite common to people with flat feet which is not exactly ideal if you are mostly on your feet all day.

The extra support and cushioning from Work Boot Posted Orthotics can make a difference to a productive work day. This is particularly true when your job requires standing on concrete for an extended period of time like the bricklayers, production workers, carpenters, concrete layers, or warehouse workers.

Aside from the posted heel feature, this insole also has Pro-Shox® polyurethane for its center cushioning to aid in shock absorption and impact reduction, and AeroCell polyurethane for a high energy return performance base. This work boot insole is not just for shock absorption or for those with flat feet, it also helps in relieving foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and arch pain.

  • Posted Heel for keeping feet aligned and controlling overpronation
  • CopperGuard® antimicrobial lining for top cover
  • Pro-Shox® polyurethane for center cushioning to absorb shock and reduce impact
  • AeroCell polyurethane for high energy return performance base
  • .19-inch insole thickness
  • For low arches to flat feet with no forefoot pain
  • Great for bricklayers, production workers, carpenters, concrete layers, or construction workers
  • Best for work boots




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