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Aetrex Women’s Train Orthotics – Insole for Exercise


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A simple cushioning from an insole, like this Train Orthotics for Women, can make the difference for a more productive work day. After all, any foot discomfort or fatigue greatly affects mobility – so the more reason for you to ensure that your feet are properly taken care of. This is especially true if you are doing laborious jobs on your feet all throughout the day like carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, landscapers, or construction workers do day in and day out.

This insole is particularly designed to provide support while exercising. So if it can support your feet and prevent injury while working out or training – then it can also very well add an additional layer of support for tradesmen who are hard at work on their feet for most of the day. Train Orthotics for Women uses cover materials that not only reduce moisture but also maximize airflow, cushioning materials that support every stride, and a base with high energy return – pretty much what a hardworking tradesman needs.

Train Orthotics also features its signature Aetrex Arch Support which biochemically aligns the body and prevents common foot pain such as metatarsalgia, arch pain, and plantar fasciitis.

  • Cupped Heel for cushioning and stabilizing the back of the foot
  • Ultra-soft mesh polyester fabric for cover material
  • FitGuard for cushioning every stride with slow recovery memory foam
  • AeroCell polyurethane for high energy return performance base
  • .2165-inch insole thickness
  • Best for gym sneakers, training shoes, athletic sneakers, tennis shoes
  • Great for carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, landscapers, or the construction workers




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