BareBones Cotton/Poly Coverall


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Why pay 4 times as much for new? If you have some DIY projects at home or you need some protection from a cotton/poly coverall at work, then check out our industrial-quality recycled coverall. It is made from cotton and polyester which is lighter compared to cotton. This is worth considering if you are up to some serious laborious task. You would like of course to work as comfortably as possible. So you want to work in a coverall that will not only hinder your range of motion but will also not weigh you down as you go about your day.

This cotton/poly coverall features a front zip that nicely zips up and straight cuffs, to ensure that you are well protected by keeping dust and other debris out. It literally has you covered – your work clothes are well-protected whether you are a mechanic, plumber, painter, or carpenter. It also features multiple spacious pockets that can hold and organize your small tools and valuables – which is particularly important to keep them handy to save time going back and forth for your tools.

This cotton/poly recycled coverall is perfect when you need to go work in the attic or crawl spaces or when you have some auto work that needs to be done. It is light enough for everyday use and durable for sure because of its industrial heavy-duty quality.

Don’t let the low-cost fool you – Although there might be a small stain or two, but it’s guaranteed to be in primo shape. Folks say they are actually more comfortable than new because they are broken-in from a few washings. Plus your puchase diverts these from our dumps by repurposing. Mother Nature thanks you.

  • Industrial heavy-duty quality
  • Cotton/Poly with zipper
  • Multiple and spacious pockets
  • Perfect for everyday use, industrial use; even great for theater and Halloween costuming
  • Works great for auto work, in attics or crawl spaces
  • Totally guaranteed for your satisfaction – minor stains and fabric distortions





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