BareBones WorkWear Camouflage Bandannas


If you are looking for a practical work accessory that is both versatile and fashionable, then these Camouflage Bandannas are for you. It comes in a classic camouflage pattern with greens, tans, and browns all blended together to achieve that traditional camouflage pattern. Its durable construction using lightweight and breathable fabric makes it a perfect accessory for construction workers, plumbers, mechanics, technicians, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who needs a bandanna while working.

These Camouflage Bandannas are made from cotton fabric so they are not just durable but comfortable to wear as well even for extended periods. It can be used as a handkerchief, headband, belt, or worn around your neck. You can actually use it however you want to or however it serves its purpose depending on the job on hand or activity you are doing. These Camouflage Bandannas are versatile enough to be used as head protection against exposure to elements like the sun’s rays or drizzle or as an additional protective barrier underneath your helmet. It is also perfect for sweat absorption, dust, and debris protection, disguising the wearer (for hunters and outdoorsmen) while hunting, or even for plain fashion and style. Again, however, it serves you best!

These bandannas are perfect for outdoor activity and will surely delight camouflage enthusiasts with the two design patterns available – Woodland and Digital Woodland.

  • Made from cotton fabric
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Comes in 22×22 inches size
  • Rolled-hem edges
  • Various uses
  • Made in USA
  • Comes in two camouflage pattern designs, Woodland and Digital Woodland
  • One size fits all

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