Boot Protector


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Finding the right work boots that perfectly fit you and suit your needs can get very challenging sometimes. So it is only proper that you take care of it the best way possible! A boot protector like this one from Yaktrax can help safeguard your boots from everyday wear and tear aside of course from your regular cleaning routine, proper storage, air drying, and conditioning. Some work boots also do not come cheap and that is yet another reason why you need a boot protector.

Caring for your work boots is important to ensure that they stay comfortable, durable, and functional – ideally of course over a few years. You want your footwear to provide the best protection as you work hard all day on the job site. Then it is only right that your boots get protection as well from wearing down. Using a boot protector like this one from Yaxtrak is a quick and easy way to do exactly that. Simply use the cleaning kit and the adhesives included and let it dry properly. And just like that your boots are now properly protected!

This Boot Protector comes in universal sizes. You can choose from Black or Brown colors depending on your personal preferences – others want black for their black boots, while some prefer to have a contrast in color. Either one will function as intended just the same, it will turn your footwear into a longer-lasting, more dependable pair to accompany you day in and day out on the job site.

  • Protects the toes of your boots from wearing down
  • Made from durable polyurethane
  • Cleaning kit and adhesive included
  • Size is universal

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