Boot Scrubber


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Give your work boots or work shoes a good scrubbing to get rid of dirt and debris with this Yaktrax Boot Scrubber. Perfect to install by the front door, in the mud room, on the deck, in the garage, or in any work area. After all, you do not want to bring whatever mess is stuck in your workshoes inside the house or in your home area, right?

Boot Scrubber is a practical tool to have at home particularly if you are a construction worker, farmer, rancher, or landscaper – who works mostly outside exposed to dirt, dust, mud, water, or what have you. It is a simple yet efficient tool for removing excess dirt and debris from all types of boots and shoes. No need to bend down or dirty up your hands in the process – simply mount each boot onto the scrubber and slide it back and forth a few times against the brushes. That easy! Keeps your home area clean and keeps your workwear looking pristine as well!

This heavy-duty Yaktrax Boot Scrubber is made from durable steel and composite materials so it will not only withstand vigorous scrubbing but will also last for a long time. It can be easily mounted onto any flat surface in an area where you frequently get in and out of the house in your work boots. And no worries about installation because mounting hardware is already included.

  • Heavy-duty boot scrubber
  • Made of durable steel and composite materials
  • Quickly remove excess dirt and debris from boots and shoes
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Mounting hardware included

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