Duke Cannon Big American Bourbon Soap


Big American Bourbon Soap because, why not, right? Bourbon tends to make everything better, so need we say more? Shower better and smell better with Duck Cannon’s Big American Bourbon Soap. Made with high standards with a touch of good old Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey – partnering with them is how Duke Cannon honors the early days of the American Frontier’s pioneering spirit.

Big American Bourbon Soap is 2 to 3 times bigger than your normal soap so right off the bat you know that it will last longer. This soap’s size and shape were inspired by the product issued to G.I.s during the Korean War. Duke Cannon’s modernized version of course features interesting fragrances, like this one which smells of rich, oak barrels. It simply smells as good as bourbon taste!

These soaps are quality-made, especially for hardworking individuals like you who take pride in being blue-collar and know the value of hard work. Perfect for construction workers, ranchers, farmers, service industry workers, or first responders who could use a good soap scrubbing after a long day at work.

Duke Cannon Supply Co values hard work, family, and the community which shows in their commitment to making superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men. They are also committed to giving back to the US Veterans.

  • Smells as good as bourbon tastes
  • Rich, oak barrel scent
  • Made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon
  • 2-3x bigger than common dainty soaps
  • Available in 10 oz. bar
  • Comes in Light Red
  • Made in USA

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