Duke Cannon Cannon Balm 140 Degrees Tactical Lip Protectant


Hardworking men need hardworking lip balm like this Cannon Balm! This tactical lip protectant is formulated to withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees so perfect when working outdoors and exposed to the elements. Ideal for construction workers, ranchers, farmers, woodloggers, or even outdoors enthusiasts. After all, heavy-duty work also needs heavy-duty support – even for your lips!

Cannon Balm is tested by active-duty military personnel, so you know that this lip balm is nothing like the dainty chapstick that you see in grocery store’s check-out lanes. This one is made for hardworking individuals like you. It is made to hold up even in the harshest of conditions and comes in nearly four times the size of regular chapstick. Cannon Balm also comes with a blood orange mint flavor and SPF 30 formulation.

Wearing lip balm is a simple yet practical way of preventing any discomfort or health issues from dry or cracked lips. So keep Cannon Balm from Duke Cannon handy to hydrate and defend your lips while working hard in a harsh work environment when regular chapstick simply won’t do.

Duke Cannon is a USA-based supply company committed to making superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men and values hard work, family, and the community.

  • Made of premium, natural, and organic ingredients
  • Formulated with SPF 30 to protect against UV rays
  • Can temperature up to 140 degrees
  • Almost 4X the size of the stuff they sell in grocery store check-out lanes
  • Available in 0.56 oz stick

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