Four Seasons Four Seasons German Suede Combo Brush


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If you have suede or nubuck shoes then this Four Seasons German Suede Combo Brush is for you. You want to keep those work shoes not just looking clean but you want to prolong their life as well. After all, these work shoes do not come cheap. So whether your work shoes are made from suede or nubuck, regular brushing should be part of your footwear routine care. This is especially true if you are a carpenter, rancher, mason, or woodworker who puts their shoes to the test every day while working all day.

Four Seasons German Suede Combo Shoe Brush comes on one side with rubber bristles and the other side with a combination of wire and nylon bristles. It also has raised grooved edges. The rough rubber surface can remove heavy scuff marks or stains while the brass and nylon bristle can gently groom and clean the nap. The arched rubber surface can be used to clean rounded edges while the thin rubber edge can be used for hard-to-reach groves and creases.

Shoes that are made from suede or nubuck benefit from a multi-use cleaning tool like this German Suede Combo Brush. Because, unlike smooth leather, these kinds of materials tend to trap dirt more easily. Over time, your suede or nubuck shoes can start to look dingy if not properly taken care of. That is why a simple regular brushing with a good brush can help in not just getting the dirt out but in restoring its beautiful texture as well.

  • For suede and nubuck
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to use
  • Very handy
  • Durable

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