Four Seasons Four Seasons Suede and Nubuck Kit


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Here is the Four Seasons Suede and Nubuck Kit to care for your beloved suede or nubuck work shoes. They are after all your loyal company to work, day in and day out. It is only just that you maintain them regularly. Not to mention that these work shoes do not come cheap! Even more reason why you should properly care for them.

This Suede and Nubuck Kit by Four Seasons comes with one cleaner bar and one brush. Together, they remove dirt, spots, and soil quickly and easily without affecting its color and texture. And it is not just meant for your work shoes or work boots – it can be used on bags, belts, gloves, and other garments as well. So clean away to ensure that your suede and nubuck stuff stays looking neat and lasts longer

You’re a Pro. Pros maintain their tools. Ideally, you want to brush your suede or nubuck work shoes regularly not just to keep them looking clean but to prolong their life as well. Not only will you save time and money by not buying replacements every so often but, you do not have to go through the breaking-in period either. Because, frankly speaking, who enjoys that, right? So whether you are a woodworker, HVAC technician, landscaper, or truck driver – who subjects their footwear to tough jobs every day, make regular brushing part of your footwear routine care.

  • Comes with 1 cleaner bar and 1 brush
  • Cleans dirt, spots, and soil
  • Easy to use
  • Made in USA

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