Huberd Huberd Shoe Grease


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Need some heavy-duty waterproofing and conditioning for your work shoes, work boots, and other leather stuff? Here is Huberd Shoe Grease for that. It is the original beeswax and pine tar treatment known for its ability to waterproof and preserve leather. Dating as far back as over 100 years, Huberd has cemented its name when it comes to care products for protecting and preserving leather.

Your work boots are your loyal company day in and day out. So regular footwear care is only befitting to preserve and condition them. This is particularly true with firefighters, wood loggers, oil rig workers, or truck drivers who subject their footwear to the tough job site on a daily basis. This is where Huberd shoe grease can come in very handy – it will waterproof and condition your work shoes in just a few simple steps.

You want your work boots not just to look pristine but conditioned as well to ensure it lasts you longer. So a regular foot care routine is highly recommended. This is quite easy because Huberd Shoe Grease is also known for its ease of application. You can simply start with clean, dry, and room-temperature leather. Then apply Huberd Shoe Grease with your hands or with a brush or soft cloth. Just allow it to soak for several hours and then simply buff off any excess using a soft cloth afterward.

  • Best for work boots, high-usage leather
  • Can be used in breaking in new footwear
  • Great for waterproofing and conditioning
  • Made in USA

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