Ironclad General Utility™


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General Utility™ from Ironclad is their original multi-purpose gloves of professional grade utility. Its superior performance is evident with its 20-plus years’ history of being one of their best-selling gloves. It provides excellent dexterity that fits snugly and wears comfortably. Ideal for construction workers, machine operators, plumbers, warehouse workers, technicians, or even for DIY enthusiasts.

General Utility gloves features a reinforced synthetic suede palm, breathable nylon back of the hand, TPR knuckle impact protection, and thumb saddle reinforcement. All these to boost comfort, dexterity, and protection while you are hard at work. Because while it is important that you are protected from workplace hazards, comfort is also one of the main considerations – after all you need to feel comfortable and at ease with your gloves so you can work productively, right?

These work gloves also come with a hybrid safety cuff that secures a snug fit and allows quick release if needed for safety. Its Terry cloth sweat wipe, located at the back of the thumb, provides a means for managing sweat when things get heated on the job site. These General Utility gloves have an EN 388 rating of 2132 category 2, and an ANSI 105 rating of CUT A2, ABR 3, and PUN 3. So take note of these if your work requires particular ratings for safety standards.

  • Reinforced synthetic suede palm
  • Breathable nylon back of hand
  • Hybrid safety cuff
  • TPR knuckle impact protection
  • Thumb saddle reinforcement
  • Terry cloth sweat wipe
  • US patented
  • Available in Black
  • EN 388 rating: 2132, Category 2
  • ANSI 105 rating: CUT A2, ABR 3, PUN 3
  • Grip rating: Dry 4/5, Wet 3.5/5, Oily 4.5/5

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