Ironclad Heavy Utility™


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If tactile feel and dexterity are particularly important for you when wearing gloves then this Heavy Utility™ from Ironclad is for you. It is also long-wearing and tough, perfect for heavy work. Ideal if you are a landscaper, bricklayer, farmer, woodworker, or one whose job involves construction or demolition – you can really make use of some hand protection while you are working hard on the job site.

These Heavy Utility gloves are built with synthetic leather palm and finger sidewalls to aid in dexterity by providing a better grip on tools and more precise movement because of its tactile sensitivity. It also features Duraclad® reinforcements on the saddle area, as well as on the palm, thumb, and fingers. These reinforcements provide 8X more durability than normal synthetic leather.

These gloves also come with a TPR cuff puller so you can get the gloves in position quickly with just a simple pull. Its hybrid cuff system allows for a snug and secure fit with an added quick-release feature. It also has a TPR knuckle protection that shields your hands from impact and a Terry cloth sweat wipe on the back of the hand for wiping sweat off your face or forehead.

If your job requires gloves with particular safety ratings no worries either because Heavy Utility has an EN 388 rating of 4132 and ANSI 105 rating of CUT A2 and ABR 4 – check to see if these are what your job site requires.

  • Duraclad® reinforcements
  • Hybrid cuff system
  • TPR cuff puller
  • Terry cloth sweat wipe on the back of the thumb
  • Synthetic leather palm and finger sidewalls
  • TPR knuckle protection
  • Available in Black
  • 100% machine washable, hang dry
  • EN 388 rating: 4132, Category 2
  • ANSI 105 rating: CUT A2, ABR 4
  • Grip rating: Dry 3/5, Wet 3/5, Oily 3/5

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