Ironclad Hydro


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Looking for a glove for dirty jobs? Here’s Hydro from Ironclad to help you with that. These gloves are designed to protect and perform in messy and wet conditions. Of course, you want a glove that will keep your hands dry and protected but will also ensure that you still have the dexterity to function productively on the job site. And wouldn’t it be great if you could also access your touch-screen devices even with the gloves on? Well, with Hydro, you can.

These work gloves are made from 15-gauze yarn made of polyester/spandex knit which allows for ease of movement and flexibility needed to perform complex tasks. Its nitrile base coating makes it liquid-proof so your hands are well protected and dry even upon contact with water, oil, mud, or whatnot. Its palm coating, on the other hand, is made from texture nitrile so you can count on excellent grip whether in dry, wet, or oily environments. This allows you to easily perform even complicated tasks because you have a firm grip and the dexterity to work effectively.

Hydro gloves also feature Ironclad’s exclusive carbon nanoparticle-infused palm which provides guaranteed touchscreen performance. So no need to remove your gloves when you need to use your devices. In fact, this material is even more conductive than a human hand.

Hydro gloves are ideal if you are a construction worker, plumber, mechanic, or DIY enthusiast who is about to tackle a tough and messy job on hand.

  • Textured nitrile palm grips in dry, wet, and oily conditions
  • Impermeable nitrile base coating keeps your hands dry and clean
  • 15-gauge polyester/spandex knit for excellent dexterity
  • Guaranteed touchscreen performance
  • Available in Blue/Grey
  • ANSI 105 rating: CUT A1
  • Grip rating: Dry 5/5, Wet 4/5, Oily 3/5

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