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Ironclad Pyro


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If you need gloves that also protect you from heat, then this Pyro from Ironclad is for you. These work gloves are built to deliver excellent wet and dry grip, great dexterity, and excellent heat protection. So whether you are a metal worker, braze technician, exhaust system mechanic, or simply backyard-grilling at home – you could use some protection from Pyro gloves.

These work gloves are made from premium aramid yarn with impermeable nitrile-neoprene blended base coating and textured neoprene palm coating. Talk about gloves that protect from heat, right? Pyro provides a firm grip (both in wet and dry conditions) and the dexterity needed to ensure you can perform complicated tasks even when faced with heat hazards. These gloves also have their palm double-coated to boost their durability.

As for safety standards rating, Pyro has an ANSI 105 rating of CUT A2, and HEAT 2. Check if your job site particularly requires one and see if these ratings are suitable. Otherwise, for general purposes, these gloves will do a great job of protecting your hands. Take special note though that these gloves are not rated for fire resistance and not fire or flameproof.

  • Textured neoprene palm coating provides excellent wet and dry grip
  • Double-coated palm delivers extended durability
  • Impermeable nitrile-neoprene blended base coating
  • Premium 15-gauge aramid yarn provides excellent heat protection and dexterity
  • Available in Yellow/Black
  • ANSI 105 rating: CUT A2, HEAT 2
  • Grip rating: Dry 5/5, Wet 5/5, Oily 2.5/
  • Note: These gloves are not rated for fire resistance and are not fire or flameproof

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