Kg’s Brush On Boot Guard


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You can extend the life of your favorite work boots with KGs Boot Guard. This brush-on boot guard offers superior protection from toe wear, water seepage along the welt, and seam erosion so your work boots stay durable and functional even after repeated usage over time. Perfect if you are a construction worker, wood logger, miner, or metal worker who is usually engaged in strenuous activities which means you are subjecting your work shoes to serious hard work on the job site. If you want to make sure your work boots can keep up with you and withstand rough wear, then this boot guard is for you.

KGs boot guard can be applied to your new or even used boots. It perfectly bonds to leather, rubber, Cordura, vinyl, and even to exposed steel! This brush-on boot guard is tough and permanent and will not crack, peel, or flake off. It is also repellant to water, dirt, salt, and sweat stains. Simply ideal for work boots (and other leather goods) that are exposed to rough wear.

The application is pretty simple, so do not worry. Just brush on the first coat, let dry for two hours, and then brush on one last coat and let it dry overnight. And no worries because the applicator can be cleaned with mineral spirits if you intend to reuse it again.

  • Polyurethane and xylene blend
  • Suitable for leather, vinyl, Cordura, and exposed steel
  • Will not crack, flake, or peel
  • Repellent to dirt, water, salt, and perspiration stains
  • Easy application
  • Quick drying
  • Made in the USA

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