Kg’s KG-XTREME Heavy Duty Boot Laces


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If you are on the lookout for the ultimate work boot laces, then look no more because KG-XTREME Heavy Duty Boot Laces is now here. It is made from 100% Kevlar® and heavy-duty nylon so you know they are made to last and protect – ideal for welders, machinists, firefighters, or construction workers. Any tradesman would want a boot lace that is as tough as their boots to keep up with them no matter how tough the work gets on the job site.

KG-Xtreme heavy-duty boot laces are made of heavy-duty materials that are braided together, waxed, and then coated in a flame-resistant fiber. They are also chemical resistant and virtually unbreakable. These make them the ideal boot laces for those needing maximum protection. Best not only for working tradesmen but for hikers, hunters, military personnel, and basically, anyone who is engaged in high-intensity outdoor activities. With these heavy-duty boot laces, you can rest assured that your work boots will stay tightly on regardless of how rigorous the job is on hand.

When choosing the length it is best to measure your old or existing laces before placing your order. Most 6-inch work boots use 54-inch laces while most 8-inch work boots use 72-inch laces – of course, it still varies and will depend on your actual work boots. KG-Xtreme heavy-duty boot laces are suitable for boots with 8-9 eyelets.

  • Special wax coating
  • Braided laces
  • Durable
  • Fire resistance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Made in USA

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