LIFT Safety Apex Gel Knee Guard


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When your work involves a lot of kneeling down crouching, or crawling on hard surfaces like the floor installer, roofer, landscaper, plumber, or electrician – then a quality knee pad like this Apex Gel Knee Guard should be part of your work gear. You need to protect those knees especially when these tasks are very much a part of your job. Keep in mind, that over time, it will really take a toll on your knees if you do not pay attention to caring for them now.

Apex Gel Knee Guard is the flagship knee pad of LIFT Safety. It features an innovative internal gel insert that molds and forms to the patella and knee cap, a hinge upper support strap, a fully adjustable two-strap design, a textured TPR knee cap, and ballistic nylon construction. So not only is this knee pad built to provide stabilization and protection, but it is built to last as well.

Using knee pads while working helps prevent discomfort and potential injuries when kneeling or crouching on hard surfaces. They provide cushioning and protection for the knees as well which makes performing tasks much more comfortable and safer.

  • Internal gel insert forms to the patella and knee cap, maximizing stabilization and protection
  • Hinged upper support strap is removable and prevents binding
  • Fully adjustable two-strap design resists slipping
  • Textured TPR knee cap maximizes traction and stability on all surfaces
  • Ballistic nylon construction resists abrasion for increased durability
  • Designed to prevent roll-off on hard surfaces
  • Sold in pairs

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