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LIFT Safety Dax Hard Hat Replacement Suspension


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This Dax Hard Hat Replacement Suspension from LIFT Safety is suitable for both the Dax Hard Hat and Cap. So no worries if say maybe due to accidental damage or perhaps normal wear and tear – you find yourself needing to replace the suspension in your Dax Hard Hat.

This suspension with increased plush padding comfort dome comes with a headband, browband, and crown straps. It, of course, has that 6-point suspension system to provide a secure and comfortable fit, and the big ratcheting fitment dial that allows ease of adjustment when finding the right fit. This dial is also easy to grip and adjust even with your gloves on. So you do not have to let your Dax hard hat go to waste just because its suspension is no longer working at its best – simply get this replacement suspension and you should be good to go.

If your working environment exposes you to the risk of falling objects and potential head impact, generating sparks or high temperatures, or using heavy machinery and equipment – it is only proper that you use safety headgear. And wear one that provides protection and fits comfortably as well. If for whatever reason the suspension in your hard hat needs replacement – no worries, LIFT Safety got you covered with their Dax Hard Hat Replacement Suspension.

  • Comfort dome with increased plush padding
  • Headband, browband, and crown straps
  • 6-point suspension system for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Oversized ratcheting fitment dial to adjust size
  • Easy to grip and use ratcheting fitment dial even with gloves on
  • Suitable for Dax Hard Hat or Cap

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