LIFT Safety Flange Ear Plugs


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These Flange Ear Plugs from LIFT Safety are reusable and are made from surgical-grade silicone. They fit comfortably in most ears so just perfect if you are working in construction, manufacturing, heavy machinery operation, or a DIY project at home. You can count on these ear plugs from LIFT Safety to protect your ears and reduce noise at the same time. You can also keep one handy if your job particularly requires the use of hearing protection equipment as part of their legal regulations and safety standards.

Concentration and focus are important while working but this can get quite challenging in a noisy environment. Using ear plugs helps not just in safeguarding your hearing but also in improving your concentration and focus as well. This is particularly true and important in the case of woodworkers, oil rig workers, loggers, or machinery operators who work with or around loud equipment almost on a daily basis.

Earplugs can also help in preventing fatigue from constant exposure to loud noises – because quite frankly, over time, that can get physically and mentally draining. Imagine the constant drilling, cutting, or grinding noise, or the incessant hammering or metal clunking – then imagine you have to do that day in and day out. Pretty grueling, right? A simple ear plug can remedy that. Not only will it help you to avoid fatigue but it ultimately results in improved work productivity as well.

  • Made from surgical-grade silicone
  • Reusable
  • Comfortably fits in most ears
  • Comes in a 6-pair pack
  • OSFA

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