LIFT Safety Option Glove


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If you are up for some medium-duty range tasks at work and you need a glove that provides protection and dexterity at the same time – then this Option Glove from LIFT Safety is for you. This work glove is constructed with lightweight materials to ensure that it does not add unnecessary weight or restrict movement during use. After all, you want protection for your hands so you can work comfortably, quickly, and safely – you do not need to be bothered by ill-fitting badly constructed gloves.

This Option Glove is designed to allow air to flow through, which helps in keeping your hand cool and comfortable. The palm of the glove is designed to be low profile and is crafted from a single piece of material. This construction enhances tactile sensitivity, so you maintain a good sense of touch and control while wearing the glove. This pretty much means that you can effectively and efficiently work even with gloves on.

It is also equipped with a TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) wrist closure which is a type of closure that provides a secure and adjustable fit around the wrist. This enhances comfort while preventing debris from entering the glove at the same time. To boost its durability and protection, it also has a saddle, fourchette, and fingertip reinforcements. These added layers of material in strategic areas provide extra protection to areas that might be more prone to wear and tear.

  • For medium-duty work
  • Lightweight back-of-hand material maximizes airflow
  • Single-piece palm with a low profile to enhance tactile sensitivity
  • Saddle, fourchette, and fingertip reinforcements
  • TPR wrist closure for a more secure and adjustable fit

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