LIFT Safety Tacker Glove


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If you are gearing up for some heavy-duty task at work, do not forget to bring a reliable work glove! You want a glove that is durable, comfortable, and also stylish at the same time! Well, Tacker Glove checks all the boxes! These rugged-looking heavy-duty work gloves are built for the tough job.

These gloves have genuine leather reinforcements on the palm, saddle, fourchettes, and fingertips which enhances impact and vibration absorption. It also comes with EVA padded palms, TPR knuckle impact protection, TPR wrist closure, and an embossed airprene comfort cuff. It also comes with touch screen fingertips – the thumb and forefinger, so you can easily access your screen devices without taking your glove off. And one more practical feature – for easy cleaning, Tacker Glove is machine washable. So no problem after a series of intense uses because you can simply wash them.

Whether you are a construction worker, forestry worker, wood logger, trucker, or even a DIY enthusiast – you can definitely use a reliable work glove like Tacker Glove. Its genuine leather construction, reinforced areas, cushioned palm, and various protective features make it an excellent choice for any tough task at any job site.

  • Genuine leather reinforcements for impact and vibration absorption
  • Reinforced palm, saddle, fourchettes, and fingertips
  • EVA padded palm for impact and vibration absorption
  • TPR knuckle impact protection
  • Embossed airprene comfort cuff
  • Touch screen fingertip (thumb and forefinger)
  • Machine washable genuine leather for maximum abrasion resistance
  • TPR wrist closure

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