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Are you up for no-tie shoe laces? These Boot Laces from Lock Laces take your shoe game to the next level. It features a round lock device with a rounded button on top and 2 circular eyelets in the middle. While some come in solid color, the Camo design comes with tracers in the elastic laces which not only highlight the color and add character to the laces but also set them apart from other no-tie shoe laces.

These Boot Laces are extremely durable and are perfect for securing your boots during strenuous activities. Perfect for challenging work environments and for exploring the outdoors. Ideal for construction workers, wood loggers, ranchers, hunters, or outdoor enthusiasts. These shoelaces are durable enough to keep up with any rigorous jobs. Securing your boots with these laces helps reduce heel slippage and evenly disperse compression. It also helps in boosting comfort with its adjustable tension.

It comes in Camo, Black, Tan, and Brown colors – surely you’ll find one that will suit your boots the best. These elastic shoelaces measure 72 inches long and fit all lace-up boots whether it is low-cut hiking boots or military boots. It also comes in One Size Fits All and is good both for kids and adults. Each pack contains two elastic 72-inch elastic laces, two lock devices, and 2 cord clips.

  • 72 inches long
  • 2 lock devices
  • 2 cord slips
  • Fits all lace-up boots
  • One Size Fits All
  • Reduces heel slippage
  • Adjustable tension
  • Evenly disperse compression
  • Lace diameter is 7 strands, 0.25cm
  • Available in Camo, Black, Tan, and Brown colors

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