OccuNomix Hard Hat Shade


When working during the hot summer it is important that you stay protected to prevent heat stress, and one way of doing that is by wearing a hard hat shade like this one from OccuNomix. It is a practical hard hat accessory that you can easily slip onto your hard hat to get protected from the sun.

This Hard Hat Shade is made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton twill. This combo blends the strength of polyester and the natural comfort of cotton twill to come up with a versatile fabric that is durable, breathable, and soft to the skin. This hard hat shade comes in the form of an oversized ring of cloth which you can simply slip over your hard hat. And no worries, because it comes in a universal size that fits most standard hats, except full-brim ones.

Its cloth shade provides coverage to your neck as well as a portion of your ears and face, keeping you cool and protected against the beaming sun and its harmful ultraviolet rays. The shade at the back of the neck also helps in sweat evaporation to boost comfort as you work hard all day. Ideal for construction workers who are usually outdoors working and exposed to the elements.

This Hard Hat Shade from OccuNomix comes in white, royal blue, orange, and yellow colors.

  • Made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton twill
  • Provides shade and protects from UV rays
  • Shade at the back of the neck helps in sweat evaporation
  • Fits most regular hard hats, except full-brim hard hats
  • Available in White, Royal Blue, Orange, and Yellow
  • One Size Fits All

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