Pit Viper The 93 Dusk Flip-Offs


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If you fancy retro-vibe eyewear with flip-off lenses then these 93 Dusk Flip-Offs sunglasses from Pit Viper are for you! These fashionable eyewear do the job of protecting your eyes from the sun and wind while looking incredibly cool. It has 100% UVA and UVB protection with 14% visible light transmission – so perfect if your job requires you to work outside exposed to the sun. And because it has a flip-up feature, you can simply flip up the lenses instead of taking it off. And it does not hurt that these sunglasses are float-resistant, because you never know, right?

  • 2.2 mm Polycarbonate lens, strong and durable yet lightweight so ideal when you wear your sunglasses all the time
  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection, ample protection from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Visible Light Transmission is 14%, high reduction of visible light so it is great for outdoor activities
  • Flip-Up technology, easily flips off the lenses without smudging them
  • Rx Insert-Compatible, so no worries if you need prescription lenses, too
  • Adjustment features ensure that the sunglasses comfortably fits your face so it stays on
  • Big, black, and boxy shape lenses with Pit Viper in pink and yellow mounted to a black and yellow frame with a splatter design, allow for easy and very retro styling
  • Float-resistant so you will not lose it if, for whatever reason, you end up in the water
  • Look thru color is Smoke and weighs 37 g
  • Comes with its own Pit Viper Firmcase and Pit Viper Limpcloth
  • Visit any BareBones WorkWear store to see the variety of new styles.

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