Pit Viper The Bankroll Fade Flight Optics


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Look fashionably cool while still protecting your eyes from the sun and wind with these Bankroll Fade Flight Optics sunglasses by Pit Viper. This eyewear is made from durable and lightweight polycarbonate lenses with 100% UVA & UVB Protection. It also has a 10-35% Visible Light Transmission so just perfect for builders or construction workers who work both out in the sun and indoors as well. Its non-slip nose and ear pieces along with its spring hinge arms boost its wear comfortability. As for durability, no worries because these sunglasses are made by Pit Viper to stand a beating so you can count on it to keep up with the rigorous job at any job site. It is also float-resistant which can come in handy if for whatever reason you just find yourself in the water.

  • 2.2 mm Polycarbonate lens, durable but lightweight which is particularly important if you mostly wear your sunglasses all throughout the day
  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection, just perfect for tradesmen like builders or construction workers
  • Visible Light Transmission is 10-35%, high to medium light reduction of visible light
  • Adjustable fit and improved flexibility with its spring hinge arms
  • Rubberized touchpoints, no-slip grip ear and nose pieces
  • Dual Lens Technology by Pit Viper, twice more lens than the Original Pit Vipers
  • Fade lens with Brown Fade Look Thru Color
  • Big faded brown lenses in black frame allow for easy styling
  • Float-resistant, ensures you do not lose them just in case you end up in the water
  • Weighs 38 g and comes with a Pit Viper Firmcase and Limpcloth

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