Pit Viper The Bonaire Breeze Lift-Offs


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Add a spunk to your everyday work routine and opt for these cool and stylish Bonaire Breeze Lift-Offs sunglasses by Pit Viper. Still does the job of protecting your eyes from the sun and wind but in a very cool and retro-vibe way! These sunglasses are made from polycarbonate lenses with 10% UVA and UVB Protection and 11% VLT – just perfect for tradesmen like construction workers who spend their working hours outdoors. The flip-off feature allows for easily lifting the lens up so you do not have to take your sunglasses off when you are on your break for instance checking your phone, or have to go indoors.

  • 2.2 mm Polycarbonate lens, ideal for tradesmen who mostly wear sunglasses when working because it is durable and lightweight
  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection, perfect for construction workers, ranchers, loggers, or delivery guys who are usually out in the open exposed to the sun when working
  • Visible Light Transmission is 11%, suitable for outdoor activities because of its high reduction of visible light
  • Flip-Up technology, lenses can be easily flipped off in one swift motion
  • Dual Lens Technology by Pit Viper, two times more lens than the original Pit Vipers
  • Lens color is Blue/Purple Revo, with Brown Look Thru Color
  • Flippable vibrant blue-purple Revo lens in white frame with pink nose piece and orange ear pieces screams retro and allows for easy, funky, and cool styling
  • Float-resistant, ensures you do not lose them even if you end up in the water
  • Weighs 36 g and comes with a Pit Viper Firmcase and Limpcloth

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