Pit Viper The Cosmos 2000s


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If you love the Cosmos Night Shades and cannot have enough of its coolness, then here is The Cosmos 2000s. These sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes, especially during the daytime from the bright sun. It has the same black and neon splatter design with a boxy shape and lenses that wrap around the eyes but with colored lenses. It is also Z87+ rated with 100% UVA & UVB protection and 13.5% light transmission for high reduction of visible light. This eyewear is ideal for firefighters, construction workers, roofers, or ranchers who are usually exposed outdoors. Viper meticulously developed these fashionable sunglasses without sacrificing functionality and durability to ensure that you are not just well-protected but look absolutely stylish as well.

  • Z87+ Rated 2.2mm Polycarbonate, ideal for construction workers, firefighters, and other tradesmen whose job exposes them to impact hazards
  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection, provides ample protection from the harmful rays of the sun
  • 13.5% Light Transmission, no need to strain your eyes squinting because of its high reduction of visible light
  • Adjustable fit using its adjustment features to snugly frame your face to ensure that it stays on even if you whip your head around
  • Stylish boxy shape and black and neon splatter design allow easy and cool styling
  • Float-resistant, ensures you will not lose it if for whatever circumstances, you find yourself in the water
  • The Look Thru Color is Grey and weighs 35 g
  • It comes with its very own Pit Viper Firmcase, Limpcloth, and Tie Downs Retainer Strap
  • Visit any BareBones WorkWear store to see the variety of new styles.

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