Pit Viper The Drive Grand Prix


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Make wearing safety glasses cool with these Drive Grand Prix sunglasses from Pit Viper. With its racer-look design, you can absolutely level up your daily work outfit without much effort. And worry not because this eyewear is not just stylish but very functional as well. With its ANSI Z87+ polycarbonate lens and 100% UV Protection feature, it has you well covered from impact hazards and the harmful rays of the sun. Just perfect for welders, woodworkers, or construction workers who usually work with machinery and are oftentimes exposed to the sun. Drive Grand Prix also has a 14% Visible Light Transmission which is suitable for activities done outdoors or those that expose you to bright light.

This fashionable and functional eyewear has big grey lenses set in a black frame with red removable side pieces. You can simply remove or re-attach the side pieces depending on what your work requires for the day. It also comes with its own Speed Harness to make sure you do not lose these sunglasses when you are going full-on speed doing whatever. And if for some reason, you end up in the water, no problem still because Drive Grand Prix is float-resistant.

The Drive Grand Prix weighs 43g and comes in a box with the removable side pieces (left and right), a Pit Viper Speed Harness, and a Limpcloth.

  • ANSI Z87+ Polycarbonate lens
  • 100% UV Protection
  • 14% Visible Light Transmission
  • Grey Look Thru Color
  • Removable side pieces
  • Float-resistant
  • Racer-look design for easy cool styling
  • Great eyewear for welders, woodworkers, or construction workers

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