Pit Viper The Factory Team Try-Hard


In-Store Purchase Only

Have fun protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun with the Factory Team Try-Hard sunglasses from Pit Viper. It has a very retro vibe with its boxy shape, big Smoke lens that wraps around the eyes, and orange frame. Aside from shielding your eyes from the sun with its 100% UVA and UVB Protection while you work hard all day, you can also choose what lens color to use because it comes with a bonus lens! You can also opt for Full-Face or Half-Shell mode depending on your mood for the day. These fashionable sunglasses also have adjustment features that allow you to adjust them to fit your face comfortably.

  • 2.2 mm polycarbonate interchangeable lenses, ideal for construction workers or builders who work in tough job sites
  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection, ample sun protection for tradesmen who work most of the day outdoors exposed to the bright sun
  • Main lens; 12% Visible Light Transmission, Grey Look Thru Color, Smoke Lens Color
  • Bonus lens; 44.5% Visible Light Transmission, Pink/Amber Look Thru Color, Climax Lens Color
  • Strong and flexible Modular TR-90 Frame
  • Kill-A-Gram by Pit Viper convertible frame system, you can easily change either to and from Full Face or Half Shell mode
  • Adjustable fit with its Ear Bender and Nose Picker features
  • Pick a setting with its click-adjust nosepiece by Pit Viper called Nose Picker
  • Adjustable from side to side or up and down with its Ear Bender feature
  • Full face weighs 38 g while Half Shell weighs 35 g
  • Comes in a box with Pit Viper Limpcloth, Nose Picker, Tie Downs Retainer strap, EVA firm case with extra lens slot, bonus lens, and a Kill-A-Gram convertible frame system

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