Pit Viper The Miami Nights 2000s


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Make a statement or simply work in style with this Miami Nights 2000s from Pit Viper! This neon rugged eyewear with its amazing, boxy style and lens that wrap around the eyes simply checks both the protective and stylish boxes. These sunglasses are Z87+ rated, with 100% UVA & UVB protection which is great for tradesmen like construction workers, woodworkers, or mechanics who work in a job site with impact hazards. Miami Nights is part of The 2000s models with sturdier E-spot and Turbo adjustments to fit, along with a softer nose piece. So not only are these sunglasses built to withstand a beating but they are also comfortable to wear because you can adjust their fit.

  • Z87+ Rated 2.2mm Polycarbonate, ideal if you are a tradesman whose job exposed you to job sites that pose impact hazards
  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection, great for construction workers, truck drivers, or firefighters who are working both indoors and outdoors
  • Light Transmission is 15-45%, best for overcast and low-light conditions
  • Adjustable for a more comfortable fit to ensure it stays in place while comfortably framing your face
  • The E-Spot Adjustment allows you to choose the depth of the earpiece, whether you want it all the way out or in
  • The Turbo Adjustment is for optimum face-sitting, simply turn it all the way up for low-effort scenarios or all the way down for high-intensity situations
  • Built with a softer nose piece, boosting its comfort level even further
  • Float-resistant, so no worries if for whatever reason you end up in the water
  • The Look Thru Color is Blue/Grey and weighs 35 g
  • It comes with its own Pit Viper Firmcase with one Limpcloth for wiping down your sunglasses and one Tie Downs Retainer Strap for when you need one
  • Visit any BareBones WorkWear store to see the variety of new styles.

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