Pit Viper The Naples Polarized


In-Store Purchase Only

Stylize your work outfit with these Naples polarized sunglasses from Pit Viper. Plenty of eye protection from the glare of the sun, wind, and dust with its polarized and 100% UVA & UVB protection features. These sunglasses have a high reduction of visible light with its 9% VLT making them ideal eyewear for roofers, loggers, fishing vessel deckhands, or ranchers who work mostly outdoors exposed to the sunlight. Pit Viper developed their fashionable sunglasses to withstand a beating so it is durable enough to keep up and withstand the rigorous job of any tradesman.

  • Polarized 1.2mm TAC, Tri Acetate Cellulose polarized lenses allow for superior visual and polarization clarity making these eyewear oil rig workers, loggers, truck drivers, or construction workers
  • 100% UVA and UVB Protection to shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun
  • Visible Light Transmission is 9%, makes it suitable outdoors in the snow, mountains, or at the sea
  • Adjustment features for an adjustable fit, ensure that it snugly frames your face and stays on regardless of how you move around as you work hard all day
  • Big black lenses in Smoke color that wrap around the eyes with the Pit Viper and frame with splatter design, allow for easy retro styling
  • Float-resistant, ensures you do not lose it if for some reason you find yourself in the water
  • Lens color is Smoke with Grey look thru color
  • A Pit Viper Firmcase with 1 Pit Viper Limpcloth and 1 Pit Viper Tie Downs Retainer Strap is included in the box
  • Visit any BareBones WorkWear store to see the variety of new styles.

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