Pit Viper The Playmate 2000s


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Work in style while still protecting your eyes with these Playmate 2000s sunglasses from Pit Viper. Be prepared to stand out with its huge mirror lens with orange hues that wrap around the eyes. This eyewear is made with a Z87+ rated 2.2mm polycarbonate lens, has 100% UVA + UVB protection, and 17.9% Visible Light Transmission. Ideal for firefighters, woodloggers, oil rig workers, or concrete layers who are mostly in the work environment with impact hazards and sun exposure. These sunglasses are not just fashionable and functional but are also durable that they can withstand any challenging work environment. You can count on this eyewear to protect you from the sun, wind, and dust while looking absolutely stunning.

The Playmate 2000s comes with adjustment features so you can simply adjust it to snugly fit your face. Its lenses also wrap around your eyes so there is plenty of coverage there. And it does not hurt that these sunglasses are float-resistant as well! So no worries if circumstances somehow lead you to the water – you will still get the eye protection you need. Its boxy shape and eye-catching color are also more than enough to add spunk to your daily work outfit.

The Playmate 2000s weighs 35g and comes in a box with Pit Viper Firmcase, Limpcloth, and a Tie Downs Retainer Strap if you feel like wearing one.

  • Z87+ Rated 2.2mm Polycarbonate lens
  • 100% UVA + UVB Protection
  • 17.9% Visible Light Transmission
  • Blue Look Thru Color
  • Adjustable fit
  • Float-resistant
  • Bright color, huge lens, and boxy shape allow for funky styling
  • Ideal for firefighters, wood loggers, oilrig workers, or concrete layers

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