PowerStep Pinnacle Full Length Insoles


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Tired of coming home feeling like your feet just went three rounds with a professional boxer? Do you lie awake at night dreading putting on your boots the next morning? Did you buy a brand-new pair of nice boots and they already feel as bad as the ones you just replaced? Relief is just around the corner!

PowerStep Pinnacle insoles are truly the “pinnacle” of comfort. Designed with a gentle neutral arch, this insole can take your footwear to the next level. Whether you are suffering from Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints or general pain, these insoles will greatly increase the comfort of any pair of boots.

Most boot manufacturers cut costs by putting the bare minimum insole into their shoes and most budget insoles are cut-to-size and barely any better than the factory-installed ones! PowerStep Pinnacle insoles are true-to-size and include two layers of padding for added comfort and longevity.

Being on your feet all day is hard enough without your boots feeling as though they have been replaced with unfinished concrete bricks, so suffer no more with a pair of excellent insoles designed by podiatrists and made in the USA!

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    • Odor control top fabric designed to reduce heat and friction
      • Neutral arch support benefits most foot types
        • Deep heel cradle for comfort and stability
          • Exact fit with no trimming required
            • Realigns mild to moderate pronation
              • #1 Podiatrist recommended insole for discomfort caused by Plantar Fasciitis
                • Semi-rigid polypropylene support shell for comfort and support
                  • Foam top layer supported by EVA base layer

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