Pyramex Breakaway Eyewear Cord


This Breakaway Eyewear Cord from Pyramex will keep your eyeglasses or safety glasses securely attached to you even when not in use. This is particularly helpful when you are prone to losing your eyewear, or you periodically take them on and off throughout the day. Now you do not have to worry about misplacing your eyewear, dropping it, or accidentally sitting on it because you can simply let it hang around your neck securely attached to an eyewear cord.

This durable eyewear cord will not only keep your safety eyewear handy but also boast a safety feature that can be very useful when there are work hazards on the job sites. It features a breakaway design, a safety feature that allows it to detach easily from the glasses if it becomes caught on an object (for example machinery, hand tool, or equipment). This safety feature is particularly important if you work a lot around machinery as the woodworker, plumber, mechanic, technician, or carpenter does.

It is not particularly ideal to just shove those eyewear in your pocket when not in use (or worst, put it somewhere you probably will not remember) – a simple accessory like this Breakaway Eyewear Cord will do the trick! And since it is from Pyramex,  a reputable American company known for producing personal protective equipment (PPE), including eyewear, safety glasses, and accessories – you know you are getting quality eyewear cords.

  • Made from durable materials
  • Break-away safety feature will release if snagged or gets caught in machinery
  • OSFA, suitable for a diverse range of temples
  • Made in USA

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