Pyramex Cotton Eyewear Cord


If you want to keep your work eyewear handy for when you need it, or you are prone to misplacing and losing it for whatever reasons – then this black Cotton Eyewear Cord from Pyramex is for you. It will keep your glasses within easy access because now it can simply hand around your neck! This is great if you are a carpenter, mechanic, plumber, machine operator, or warehouse worker – who periodically takes your eyewear on and off. Now you can let them hang when not in use and simply slip it back on when you need them.

This Cotton Eyewear Cord is made from 100% cotton which feels soft to the skin. It is even perfect for when you have sensitivities to synthetic materials because although the take-up bead and stopper are made of nylon, the cord itself that touches your skin is made of cotton. Cotton is also very durable, breathable, and naturally absorbent. It is also easy to care for.

This black cotton eyewear cord is OSFA and is designed to be compatible with different types and sizes of eyeglass or sunglass temples or arms. You can simply adjust it depending on how you want your work eyewear to hang around your neck using the take-up bead.

  • 100% Cotton cord
  • Nylon take-up bead and stopper
  • OSFA, suitable for a diverse range of temples
  • Take up bead allows user to adjust to their preference
  • Made in USA

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