Pyramex Fog Buster Lens Cleaning Towelettes


Fog Buster Lens Cleaning Towelettes from Pyramex can come in handy when you wear safety glasses or eyeglasses on the job site. Condensation or abrupt changes in temperature cause your lenses to fog and that is not exactly ideal if you are on the job – more so when you are around machinery and equipment, you need unobstructed clear vision to ensure your safety. A good and quality anti-fog lens treatment can remedy that for you and ensure that your eyeglasses, safety glasses, or work goggles are clear, clean, and fog-free!

Fog Buster Lens Cleaning Towelettes is a 2-step process with applicator towelette and buffing towelette. It comes individually wrapped in a small packet – so quite convenient to easily slip one or two into your work bag. This single-use lens treatment system prevents your lenses from fogging for hours! Ideal if you are a mechanic, carpenter, electrician, or welder, who needs their eyewear clear and clean at all times. I mean who wants to keep wiping their eyewear whenever condensation hits, right? With this anti-fog lens treatment – you should be all good, and clear – for hours!

This Fog Buster is so easy to use, that no expertise whatsoever is needed, simply start with the applicator cloth and then follow it with the buffing cloth! So, no need to put up with foggy lenses, simply treat them right away in just two steps with Fog Buster Lens Cleaning Towelettes.

  • Prevents lenses from fogging for hours
  • Convenient, single-use towelettes
  • Individually wrapped in a small packet
  • Applicator towelette
  • Buffing towelette

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