Pyramex Hard Hat Chin Strap


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To keep your headgear securely in place, here is the Hard Hat Chin Strap from Pyramex! It is a simple yet practical accessory that will ensure you do not lose your hard hat in case there is a strong wind, or during strenuous activities, or when you need to get inside confined spaces. YOu would of course want to keep your head protected at all times regardless of how you move around the job site. So keep that hard hat tightly and neatly in place with this chin strap.

This Hard Hat Chin Strap has a comfortable elastic band with easy-to-install and comfortable chin cups and clips. It also has an adjustable buckle on either side for ease of length adjustment. The band is made of rubber and twill cotton fabric while the chin cup and clips are made from high-density PE.

Attaching the chin strap to the hard hat is quite simple, just insert the pin into the hole and simply secure it in place. Repeat on the other side and you are practically done! Told you, super simple! Confused still? No worries, we have a short how-to video for us visual learners on how to attached accessories.

This chin strap fits Ridgeline and SL Series Hard Hats from Pyramex but worry not because it has a quick clips design for easy installation on most hard hats out there.

  • Rubber and twill cotton fabric band
  • High-density PE chin cup and clips
  • Comfortable elastic band
  • Easy to install and comfortable chin cups and clips
  • Buckle length adjustment

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