Pyramex Lanyard Loop Eyewear Cord


This Lanyard Loop Eyewear Cord from Pyramex is a practical accessory worth having when you are prone to losing your work eyewear. Either you keep dropping it somehow, misplacing it on the job site, or damaging or breaking it because you keep on shoving it into your pocket or bag. (I know, we have all been there!) A quick and simple remedy is to use an eyewear cord. It will help secure your eyewear while you, on the other hand, can just concentrate on working.

This black Lanyard Loop Eyewear Cord is made from polyester with a lanyard loop in universal size – it is designed to fit most eyeglasses or sunglasses. It will keep your eyeglasses or sunglasses handy and within easy reach because now you can simply let them hang around your neck when not in use. Quite perfect if you are a woodworker, technician, farmer, or construction worker and usually take your eyewear on and off throughout the day.

Using an eyewear cord is not just for convenience and comfort – it is also for security, both for yourself and your eyewear. So just add this Lanyard Loop Eyewear Cord from Pyramex to your work wardrobe accessories. After all, your eyewear protects your eyes on the job site – so it is only proper that you make sure you do not lose it anytime soon!

  • Polyester cord
  • Lanyard loop cord
  • OSFA, suitable for a diverse range of temples
  • Made in USA

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