Pyramex Neoprene Breakaway Eyewear Cord


Do not lose your work eyewear again with a Neoprene Breakaway Eyewear Cord! Now you can safely secure them and let them hang around your neck when not in use. No more shoving in your pocket or stashing somewhere you probably will not remember. Now it stays with you wherever you go!

And worry not if you are feeling uneasy about having a cord around your neck while while working on the job site – because this black eyewear cord has a breakaway feature. It will simply release if snagged or if say it got caught in machinery or equipment. Ideal if you are a woodworker, mechanic, plumber, metal worker, or carpenter who takes your eyewear on and off throughout the day. And even more so, if you are working around machinery. With Neoprene Breakaway Eyewear Cord, you can just let them hang around your neck when not in use and simply slip them back on when needed.

It is made from neoprene material covered by polyester, with a nylon breakaway snap and nickel-silver metal stopper. OSFA and is designed to accommodate different types and sizes of temples or arms of eyeglasses. And lastly, it is from Pyramex – a known American company with a reputation for producing personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety accessories.

  • Cord is made from neoprene material covered by polyester
  • Nylon for the breakaway snap
  • Silver metal for the stopper
  • Breakaway cord will release if snagged or caught in machinery
  • Fits a variety of temples
  • Made in USA

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