Pyramex SL Series 6-Point Ratchet Replacement Suspensions – Full Brim


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Need to replace the suspension in your SL Series full-brim hard hat? No problem. Here is the SL Series 6-Point Ratchet Replacement Suspension for the full-brim style hard hat in this series – still made from nylon with the 6-point suspension and ratchet-style adjustment system. In just a few steps, your hard hat will be as good as new!

You do not know how? No problem either. First, remove the old or worn-out suspension by pushing up on suspension tab until it releases from the slot. Repeat for all tabs. Now, to insert the new suspension – first line up suspension tabs with the slots (make sure that the sweatband is in the front), then push down on the suspension tab until it locks in place. Simply repeat on all tabs, and then you are all set!

Still lost? Stay calm. We have a how-to video for you. Aside from inserting the new replacement suspension, it also shows you how to adjust the suspension height and how to adjust the suspension size to snugly fit head sizes ranging from 6.5 to 8 inches.

Keep in mind to always inspect your hard hat before use. And of course, to replace it if there is any sign of damage. If only the suspension needs replacement, then you are still in luck because you can simply do so with SL Series 6-Point Ratchet Replacement Suspensions. Remember, safety first!

  • Made from nylon
  • 6-point suspension for a more secure and stable fit
  • OSFA, suspensions adjust from 6.5 to 8 inches head size
  • Ratchet-style adjustment system for easy customization of the fit

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