Radians Heavy Duty Surveyor Safety Vest


This Heavy Duty Surveyor Safety Vest from Radians is for hardworking blue-collar workers like you who are serious about staying safe, looking professional, and getting the work done. This safety vest is made from ANSI 107 HiViz material with reinforced web edges to withstand wear and tear. It has practical features that contribute to its functionality making it the heavy-duty kind. Perfect if you are a construction worker, warehouse worker, airport ground personnel, or industrial worker.

Its breathable mesh makeup ensures you stay cool even when the going gets tough on the job site. Because staying safe is one thing, but staying comfortable is also equally important. It also comes with multiple pockets to carry and organize your work essentials and keep them handy. In addition to the practical placements of pockets, it also has grommets at the neck for tool keepers, a mic tab on the shoulder, and a radio pocket.

When it comes to visibility, Heavy Duty Surveyor Safety Vest got you well covered with its 2 inches of reflective tape, which will make you stand out and ensure that you are seen at all times on the work site. Again, it is ANSI/ISEA 107 Standards compliant and is classified as Type R, Class 2. Truly this safety vest is the heavy-duty type!

  • Made from 100% polyester mesh
  • 100% polyester solid twill pockets
  • Heavy metal chrome snaps
  • 2” Class 2 glass bead reflective tape
  • Grommets at the neck for tool keepers
  • Woven fabric bias tape
  • Heavy black webbing reinforcement
  • Mic tab on shoulder
  • Large flap-covered radio pocket with clear badge holder
  • Upper chest pocket
  • Upper split pencil pocket
  • Lower front flap-covered pockets
  • Large inside open pockets
  • Back plan pocket
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA 107 Standards
  • Type R, Class 2

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