Radians Neese 7 oz Women’s Ultra-Soft FR Coverall


For protective coveralls that particularly fit a woman’s build, Radians got the Neese 7 oz Women’s Ultra-Soft FR Coverall. It’s your ideal workwear if you need full coverage while staying protected and comfortable at the same time. This flame-resistant coverall is made from 7oz. Westex®  Ultra-Soft fabric which is softer, more flexible, breathable, and has a higher total life cycle cost. Ideal if you’re job requires protective wear against on-the-job hazards because this coverall is FR/Arc-rated.

Neese 7 oz Women’s Ultra-Soft FR Coverall features an elastic waist so it fits comfortably and adjusts accordingly to accommodate varying waist sizes. It also comes with an FR zipper front closure and non-sparking covered snaps to further boost its protective features. It also comes with seven strategically placed pockets to hold and organize your EDC or everday carry essential items. These pockets are also double-stitched for durability and strength to ensure it can withstand rugged usage. It has a couple of chest pockets, dual rear pockets, two hip pockets, and a tool pocket.
Neese 7 oz Women’s Ultra-Soft FR Coverall (CAT 2) is great if you are an electrician, lineman, or one who works in a manufacturing or industrial setting and requires protective workwear with a CAT 2

  • Made in USA Westex® 7oz. Ultra-Soft Fabric
  • CAT 2, 8.5 Cal ATPV
  • Specifically made to fit a woman’s build
  • Elastic waist
  • FR zipper front closure
  • Non-sparking covered snaps
  • 7 double-stitched pockets
  • 2 Chest, 2 Rear, 2 Hip, 1 Tool pocket
  • FR/ARC Rated: NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112, ASTM F1506
  • Comes in Gray and Navy




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