Shoe Goo Shoe Goo Clear 3.70 oz


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Need to repair your worn-out work shoes? Here is Shoe Goo for that. It is a special type of rubber cement that can fix your worn soles or damaged heel easily. Ideal for when you are not ready yet to give up on your trusted work shoes. Because aside from saving up money and time shopping, why would you throw away a pair of work shoes that can be repaired still, right?

This Shoe Goo comes in clear color and can be used not just for shoe repair but also for coating shoes to prevent premature wear or for sealing galoshes, rubber boots, or waders. Shoe Goo is a registered trademark of Eclectic Products which is based in Eugene, Oregon. It has a unique formula designed to achieve a strong abrasion resistance and for better adhesion to flexible materials. It can be used on rubber, wood, concrete, metal, or glass but it is usually used in repairing shoe components – say rebuilding worn-out shoe soles or coating shoelace ends to stop fraying.

Shoe Goo can come in handy for easy work shoe repair at home. You may want to keep one on standby just in case you need it – especially if you are a construction worker, builder, or rancher who subjects their work shoes to grueling tasks while working in challenging job sites.

  • For shoe repair and protective coating
  • Fast and permanent
  • Excellent sealant, ideal for patching small holes
  • Waterproof, permanently bonds
  • For leather, rubber, vinyl, or canvas
  • Can create extra traction
  • Clear
  • Made in USA

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