Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Insole


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If your job requires you to spend extended periods standing or walking on hard surfaces, then you may want to check out this Polysorb Heavy Duty Insole from Spenco. It is designed to provide full comfort and support, with a focus on shock absorption and reduction of pressure. Ideal for concrete layers, plumbers, warehouse workers, carpenters, or HVAC technicians.

Polysorb Heavy Duty Insole is built with materials that are designed to absorb shock and impact. It also has PolySorbpolyurethane, a lightweight foam that provides additional cushioning (and shock absorption) from the heel to the toes. Its feature called First Ray Drop Zone, allows for efficient toe-off which promotes a healthier stride. It also has a forefront crash pad to cushion the impact of strikes, a low-friction top cloth to minimize friction, and antimicrobial technology to help reduce and control unwanted odors.

Installing this insole is also straightforward, so no worries about that. Simply remove the existing insole from your shoe and use it as a guide to trim Polysorb Heavy Duty Insole. Then insert the insole into your shoe with the green side facing up. You can enjoy a whole year of comfortable support and cushioning because this insole also comes with a one-year unconditional guarantee. You can also hand wash it in warm water if needed, just allow it to air dry and then simply insert it back into your shoe.

  • Heel-to-toe SpenCore Material, approximately 4mm, absorbs shock and impact for comfort and cushioning
  • Lightweight PolySorb PU Foam for heel-to-toe cushioning
  • First Ray Drop Zone for efficient toe-off and a healthier stride
  • Forefoot Crash Pad SpenCore Material cushions strike impact and reduce pressure at the forefoot
  • Technical Low-Friction Topcloth reduces friction that can cause blisters
  • Silpure Antimicrobial helps reduce odor
  • One year guarantee

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