Thorlo Moderate Cushion Crew Diabetic Socks


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Sox are particularly important if you are diabetic or you simply have sensitive feet. If this is you then check out this Thorlo Moderate Cushion Crew Diabetic Socks. These work crew socks are designed to provide ultimate comfort and support to your feet with its Thorlon® fibers makeup and engineering. The materials used are not just soft to the skin but it also wicks moisture and reduces friction.

These diabetic socks also have non-irritating cushioned toe seams and non-restrictive welt. The latter is particularly important to ensure good circulation to your extremities because when you are diabetic the nerves in your feet and legs are most often affected. These work socks also went under rigorous evaluation through eight peer-reviewed clinical studies which showcased significant reductions in foot pain, pressure, blisters, and moisture accumulation. Now, this is the type of work sock that best fits your diabetic or sensitive foot whether you are a mechanic, landscaper, trucker, rancher, or concrete layer.

Diabetic or not, proper care and support should be given to your feet especially when your job requires that you are mostly on it throughout the day. And you can start by making sure you have good quality work socks in your work wardrobe like these Moderate Cushion Crew Diabetic Socks from Thorlo.

  • Made from 83% THOR-LON® acrylic, 13% nylon, 4% elastic
  • Non-irritating cushioned toe seam
  • Soft fabric, gentle to the skin
  • Thorlon® fibers for moisture wicking and friction reduction
  • Comfortable non-restrictive welt to keep good circulation
  • Men-specific form fitting
  • Made in the USA



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