Tuff Toe Tuff Toe Work Boot Toe Protection & Repair


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For work boots protection or repair, check out Tuff Toe – a polyurethane adhesive that has abrasion, chemical, and water-resistant abilities. It is great for providing long-term protection to your hardworking boots so you can extend their life – no need to replace them every so often

Finding the right work boots for the job that fits you perfectly can be challenging so once you find the right one – make sure you give it some toe protection right away! You can also use it to repair your favorite old work boots that you can not just let go of yet. Either case – Tuff Toe Work Boot Toe Protection & Repair, has you well covered.

This boot protection is suitable to use on any shoe material and will work well, too, on saddles and other tools. It is also waterproof and punctured-. chemical-, and stain-resistant. This ballistic-grade polyurethane adhesive is the same material used by NASA. It also has been well-tested and used by Major League Baseball pitchers for the last 30 years.

Preferred not only by roofers, electricians, masons, welders, firemen, or mechanics but by ice skaters, roller skaters, motocross and cruiser riders, or hockey players as well. Pretty much by anyone who subjects their boots or shoes to serious rough wear. Simply put, tough jobs call for tough work boots and tough work boots can get even tougher with the help of Tuff Toe Work Boot Toe Protection & Repair!

  • Ballistic-grade polyurethane adhesive, the same material used by NASA
  • Waterproof and will resist punctures, chemicals, and stains
  • Suitable for any shoe material and nearly any surface
  • Well-tested and used by Major League Baseball pitchers
  • Made in the USA

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